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I was having some issues with 2 of the chart modifiers for a SciChart3DSurface. The FreeLookModifier3D used to work as intended, but now non of the key presses work. However, the “ExecuteOn” middle mouse button does free look the camera, I just can’t move the camera forwards and backwards with the ‘w’ ‘a’ ‘s’ ‘d’ ‘c’ or ‘e’ keys. In short, I figured it was something I did since I’m messing with the keyboard, but I haven’t been able to pin down the problem. Then, the VertexSelectionModifier stopped working as intended. It seems as if it’s successfully attached to the surface, but it fails to select any points. This previously worked, and stopped moving around the time when I moved SQL databases, oddly enough. I’ve uploaded a short video to Google Drive ( that demonstrates that the selection box appears when I hold down the left mouse button. What might be causing the chart modifiers to misbehave.

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