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I wonder if there is a way of modifying the Z-Index/render priority of individual points in a XyScatterRenderableSeries based on a value in the metadata.

I have a chart with tons of datapoints (anything between 100k -2M points) and they are plotted very close to each other in X/Y. I’m also using a custom pointmaker to color and resize the points based on a value in the metadata.

Even when using ResamplingMode.None, some points are automatically “optimized” away (not rendered). I’d like a way of setting a render priority based on a value in the metadata so the points with higher values are rendered on top of the ones of lower values. Or the ones with lower values are “optimized away” first. Can this be done?

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We have lots of Point Markers in our series that overlap, so we’re trying to find a way to Cluster them in Android and iOS. I can see that there is an SCIPointMarkerClusterizer. Can you give us some pointers on how we can achieve point marker clustering and/or spacing?

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