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Hello everyone. A similar question has already been asked just below the forum, but there is no answer. I have dynamically added diagrams. However, I am interested in the possibility of adding buttons for closing and collapsing diagrams directly to the chart panel. I need the option to close any selected chart. How can this be implemented and written? Thank you.

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It seems that if the axis is collapsed, all associated annotation labels are not visible (but their annotation line is visible).
Is there property or the like that will allow labels to be shown which are associated with a collapsed axis?

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I am trying to use SciChartGroupPane and ChildPanes for my application, and
want to collapse a pane , so that the remaining space is filled with the remaining graphs.

I tried to set the visibility to collapsed but, when i do that the panes only disappear,
but the remaining pane does not resize.

As I see the panes have two small buttons on the upper right corner for collapse and close,
This collapse button is similar to what i would want but I have no idea how to reach the collapse
functionality throgh code. Is it possible to collapse a pane withouth removing it from the container
for the ItemTemplate?


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