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I added the cursor modifier as below:

const chartDefinition = {
    modifiers: [
            type: EChart2DModifierType.Cursor, 
            options: { crosshairStroke: "green",  crosshairStrokeThickness: 1}  
    { type: EChart2DModifierType.MouseWheelZoom },
    { type: EChart2DModifierType.ZoomExtents }

const { sciChartSurface, wasmContext } = await chartBuilder.build2DChart("scichart-root", chartDefinition);  

As I want to show the x, y values of the cursor somewhere outside the chart instead of showing the tooltip. How can I get the x, y values when the cursor moving?

  • Kelly Chan asked 1 month ago
  • last active 1 month ago
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