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Tag: DateTimeNumericAxis

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1 vote

I am trying to change the format of CursorModifier

  new CursorModifier({
    modifierGroup: 'Chart',
    showAxisLabels: true,
    showTooltip: false,
    showYLine: false,
    showXLine: true,

I have a custom DateLabelProvider for the xAxis that return dates in this format ‘MM/dd HH:mm’ but the CursorModifier tooltip is showing the ‘MM/dd/YYYY’ format, how can I change it?

1 vote

It seems to me that DateTimeNumericAxis has edge cases where it can’t calculate deltas for some ranges.
This results in a console error, and the chart not loading:

Error from chart in div date-axis-bug RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded
at get minTicks [as minTicks] (index.min.js:1:577149)
at a (index.min.js:1:577393)
at a (index.min.js:1:577567)
at a (index.min.js:1:577483)
at a (index.min.js:1:577567)
at a (index.min.js:1:577483)
at a (index.min.js:1:577567)
at a (index.min.js:1:577483)
at a (index.min.js:1:577567)
at a (index.min.js:1:577483)

Provided codepen:

Any suggestions?

1 vote

In a DateTimeNumericAxis, can I convert the number from VisibleRange to a formatted string HH:MM:SS?
For example, I’d like to convert this x1 to 12/1/1984, 3:00:00 PM, or 15:00:00.

let x1 = this.parentSurface.annotations.getById("hrv").x1;
// x1 =470761200, seconds since 1970.01.01 00:00:00


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