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1 vote

Good afternoon. My team and I are looking at your library to create a depth chart, like here, but have run into a few problems:
1. if we have, for example, a “buySeries” array larger than the “sellSeries” array, the graph is not drawn very nicely.
2. the labels are not drawn correctly when we have too small numbers, I tried to solve the problem with xAxis.textFormatting = ‘0.#####’ or ‘0.00###’, but that doesn’t work for some reason.
3. If we want to add labels while hovering over the chart with showLabel = true , then we get 4 labels, two on yAxis. is it possible to make the buySeries label appear only on the left, for example, and the sellSeries label only on the right? (second screenshot)

1 vote

Hi. Is it possible to implement a depth chart like in the screenshot using scichart?! depth chart

  • alex korzh asked 2 years ago
  • last active 1 year ago
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