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I’ve implemented a Custom Rollover Modifier (by basically robbing the example given here –—part-1—creating-a-custom-rollover-modifier) and it works fine with sorted data.

Unfortunately, a particular chart DataSeries we use has an additional terminating point added to the end but that points X coordinate is out of sequence with the rest and causes the DataSeries to be identified as being unsorted. When I try to use it with search mode “Nearest” it throws an exception saying the search mode must be “Exact” for it to work.

You seem to suggest that SciChart should now handle unsorted data – Does this mean it handles it for display purposes only or should it work for a FindIndex?

An interesting observation is that if I use a standard rollover modifier with the same DataSeries it works – I assume it’s doing something with the data or it’s using a different method of finding the nearest point – could you tell me what this is?

Another thing I tried was to remove the last point from the series but the IsSorted flag remains as false and the FindIndex then still fails. I’m not sure what else to try short of copying the points over individually to a new DataSeries but this is seriously innefficient given the circumstances.

Some advice would be greatly appreciated.


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