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Hello everybody,

my project is very similar to “Quad Left-Right Y-Axes”-Example. If you have a look at this, the Gridlines only math the Left Axis 1. All other Axes have their Major/Minor Ticks randomly spread. It’s not easy to see fast what value has another series then the first because the Gridlines simply dont match.

Is there a way to have all the Major/Minor Ticks Aligned to the Left Axis 1 ones? (i attached a picture which it should look like) But the Series don’t have the same Range. So the Major steps should only match in Grid, not in value (except 0 should be on one line).

I hope you understand my problem.

thx in advance for help

PS: i use full dynamic MVVM approach, the only code in View is ->

Style="{StaticResource SciChartSurfaceStyle}"
GridLinesPanelStyle="{StaticResource GridLinesPanelStyle}"
ChartModifier="{Binding chartModifier}"
SeriesSource="{Binding seriesSource}"
YAxes="{Binding yAxes}"
XAxes="{Binding xAxes}"
Annotations="{Binding annotations}"

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Hi All,

I have a situation where the chart needs to be switched between a log scale and a linear scale. To solve this I created 2 axis (one of each) and collapse one of them while the other is visible. The user can switch between them from a context menu.

I declare them in XAML as:

            <s:NumericAxis x:Name="LinearAxis" Id="LinearAxisID" AutoRange="Always" AxisAlignment="Left" AxisTitle="Linear" Style="{StaticResource LinearScaleStyle}" Visibility="Visible" GrowBy="0.0, 0.1"/>
            <s:LogarithmicNumericAxis x:Name="LogAxis"  Id="LogAxisID" AxisAlignment="Left" AxisTitle="Log" Style="{StaticResource LogScaleStyle}" GrowBy="0.0, 0.1" />

I’ve noticed that the Major and Minor gridlines are drawn based on the order the Axis are declared in <s:SciChartSurface.YAxes> which isn’t a problem. The problem comes when I collapse one axis and make the other visible (obviously re-assigning the series to the visible axis by ID) – The axis and data change as you might expect but the major and minor gridlines are not redrawn.

In summary, if you start with log gridlines, you always get log gridlines – even on a linear axis.

Is there a way to force the redrawing of the gridlines?

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Is it possible to set different styles (color, thickness, strokeDashArray) for horizontal and vertical major grid lines?
Xaml preferably.

  • RTrade A asked 5 years ago
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I have a heatmap that I pass two mapping functions to the Heatmap2DArrayDataSeries (one for x indices and one for y indices).

That is working great.

The user can set the amount of intervals they want to see (as major gridlines). So what I want is to manually control the MajorDelta and MinorDelta, and also set the AutoTicks=false.

When I do this, it renders all the frame for the SciChart Surface, but it seems that it starts making calculations and never draws the heatmap not the gridlines, and finally it throws an OutOfMemory exception.

My data set is not that large: 60×112

What alternative do I have for controlling the amount of intervals shown?

Thank you.

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My chart has a black background, and I want to draw a shaded region but setting the alpha fairly low just makes it bleed into the black behind it and look rather ugly. I’d rather use a solid color for that region so it doesn’t blend with the black background, but then it blocks out the grid lines since it’s drawing above them. Is there any way to get annotations to draw below grid lines?

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I want to limit the range of the grid lines of a graph. For example on the screenshot, I don’t want any gridlines on the marked area.
Is there way to do what I want?

I’m using version

Thank you

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I am trying to use a BoxAnnotation to put an image on my graph. I am using BelowChart AnnotationCanvas so I can have the graph on top of the image. However, doing so also puts the grid lines on top of the annotation as well. Is there a way to keep the annotation below the chart but still keep it above the grid lines?

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Hi, guys

My x axis is SCICategoryDateTimeAxis and i’m want to draw grid line with custom period. Let’s say every four hours for data with a period of thirty minutes. What is the best way for that?

Can i redifined axis’s tickCoordinatesProvider?
Can you provide some example?
Or it only possible with axes annotations ?

Best regards,
Sushynski Andrei

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Hi, guys

Please take look at:

So my question is

Is there a way to highlight a line of a gridlines to which the label belong? It can be a color changed or something similar that can be easily perceived by the user.

Best regards,
Sushynski Andrei

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i’d like to style my major and minor grid lines so that they are not visible over the whole width of the chart but only in the center.
I tried to asign them a LinearGradientBrush, but that did not show the Gridline at all, clipping did not change anything on the visual appearance of the Gridlines. Are these stylings not supported for grid lines?

My styling of grid lines and axes look as the following:

<Setter Property="MajorGridLineStyle">
        <Style TargetType="{x:Type Line}">
            <Setter Property="Stroke" Value="DarkRed" />
            <Setter Property="StrokeThickness" Value="1" />
<Setter Property="MinorGridLineStyle">
        <Style TargetType="{x:Type Line}">
            <Setter Property="Stroke" Value="Gray" />
            <Setter Property="StrokeThickness" Value="1" />
            <s:NumericAxis VisibleRange="{Binding ScaleBarRange}"
                           Style="{StaticResource ScaleStyle}">
            <s:NumericAxis Visibility="Collapsed"
                           DrawMajorGridLines="False" />

I attached an image that shows approximately how i’d like it to be and i already have a workaround using two surfaces overlayed over each other, but that one i’d really like to get rid of.
I’d be thankful for a hint that allows me to individually crop/clip grid lines.


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