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To whom this may concern:

I am having an issue on a new computer that I bought with an 11th-gen GPU processor with an Intel Iris Xe GPU.

Usually when I plot live data, the chart updates automatically. However, with this computer, the chart appears to be frozen, but the axes are still moving. The only way the chart itself updates is if you resize it or hide-and-reshow it, and then it freezes again. The software doesn’t crash, and no errors have been logged. This has happened with all of our programs using SciChart.

This issue can’t be re-created on any other computer we have. I have video evidence of this, but it’s larger than 1 MB so I can’t upload it here.

Can you please advise?

Thank you kindly!

— Ari

  • Ari Sagiv asked 2 years ago
  • last active 1 year ago
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Hello SciChart Team,

We are using SciChart v6.1.1.13156 since about a year in our main software that is used by customers worldwide.
The SciChartSurface-Style that all charts use is configured to use the VisualXcceleratorEngine (in DirectX9 mode, as some customers had problems with invisible charts on specific older intel graphics chipsets).

In the last weeks we had several inqiuiries from customers (from Japan, Korea), that the charts in their software do not update when adding new values, the chart is only updated when minimizing and then showing the window again. Another issue was that the X-Axis was updated fluently but the chart (line-chart) only very irregularly (about 2-3 times in a 30sec measurement which provides a value every 20msec). All of these customers use new laptops with 11th generation Intel CPUs. One of these had an Nvidia-graphics card installed an when forcing to use it with our software the charts worked perfectly.

We added an option in our software to Enable Software Rendering (Highspeed Renderer) to increase compatibility when having the above mentioned issues as we thought that it has to do with the VisualXcceleratorEngine, but this did not change anything unfortunately.

We want (and have) to solve this problem as this breaks the functionality of our software with some of our biggest customers.

Best regards,
Oliver from Cologne Germany

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