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I would like to display all the hours of the day in X axis e.g 01 to 24 and I haven’t been able to achieve it yet, I tried use date delta but I couldn’t figure out how it really works, could you please share a code snippet or some example.


  • Anas Iqbal asked 2 months ago
  • last active 2 months ago
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I am trying to add series to a linechart, however I seem to be unable to create a XyDataSeries in Kotlin I have tried the following:

private val linedata = XyDataSeries<Double, Double>().apply { fifoCapacity = FIFO_CAPACITY } 

// like from the ECG showcase example, this gives the error 
// "none of the functions can be called with the arguments called"

private val linedata2 : IXyDataSeries<Double, Double> =  XyDataSeries(Double.class, Double.class)

private var linedata3 : XyDataSeries<Double, Double> = XyDataSeries(Integer.class, Double.class).build()

This seems quite straightforward but I am unable to find a solution. Can you help me?

Kind regards,

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