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I have a vertical slice modifier. Currently whenever a series has a point near the marker, a kind of tooltip is displayed showing th value of that series at that point. I want to turn off this tooltip functionality (not sure if its called AxisLabel, SeriesValue or something else).

Ive tried setting various properties but I’m still getting the tooltip. Can someone point me in the right direction :

               <s:VerticalSliceModifier  s:SeriesValueModifier.IsSeriesValueModifierEnabled="False" ShowAxisLabels="False" >
                                            X1="{Binding ...}" 
  • F W asked 5 years ago
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From reading the material on the site I know how to do what I want to do in xaml:

    <Style x:Key="AxisLabelStyle" TargetType="s:DefaultTickLabel">
    <Setter Property="RenderTransform">
            <RotateTransform Angle="30"/>
    <Setter Property="HorizontalAnchorPoint" Value="Left"/>

Now however my chart will be using two diffrent x-axis, one numeric and one with date and time. Both axis are defined in code:

            _xAxisNum = new NumericAxis

        _xAxisDat = new DateTimeAxis

        sciChartSurface.XAxis = _xAxisDat;

What code must I add to my x-axes to get the same result as the xaml above accomplishes? Or can I achieve what I want with a LabelProvider?

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I have the problem, that sometimes only one label is shown on the X-Axis even when there is space to show some more, than only one.
The property “IsLabelCullingEnabled” would show them all, but than it is ugly if there is not enough space.
So what can I do to have some more Labels shown?

In the Screenshots you can see that with only a few pixels more, more labels are shown, but the could have been also shown with less pixels (Especially Label “1” and “22” could have been shown).

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I have a VerticalLineAnnotation that can be dragged over the chart by clicking and dragging on the line itself. (See attached image). The problem is, whenever I put the chart in front of a user, they try to drag by clicking on the label (the blue label with the time in the image).

How can I make this label draggable like the line?


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We have Scichart 2.32 version software. In this version, we are using DateTimeAxis format on XAxis. We are showing XAxis Labels in this Text Formatting as “yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss”.
But now, we need to changing the TextFormatting of XLabels.
We need to show time representation of XLabels in Minutes format. We need to show only minute representation during the Time span in the live chart.

How can we achieve this TextFormatting in 2.32 version software? If not, can we achieve this Formatting in the newer versions?

  • gamze asked 1 year ago
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