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I have problem with Major and MinorTickLinesStyle on axis. The same code produces different results in version 7.x and 8.x. Can you please take a look and let me know what was changed between versions.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

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I want to format my labels after tapping a radio button. But the major labels with the “dd mm” pattern and the minor labels with the “HH:mm” pattern. If I check the radio button in the radio button group the labels will format with the others formats. It works with TradeChartAxisLabelProvider but I can’t handle it with my own formats. What I have to use?

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Hi everyone,

I’m working on a 2D chart on Android that requires the distance between major axes to be exactly 5 millimetres. How do I configure the major axis delta/ticks or resize the chart to meet my need?

Thank you.

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i have a custom DateTimeAxisViewModel and want to set major and minor ticks by user input. If the user sets valid values i use following code:

AutoTicks = false;
MajorDelta = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(USERINPUT);
MinorDelta = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(USERINPUT);

Everything works fine. If the user sets an invalid input i want to automatically calculate major and/or minor ticks. My idea was to use the DateTimeTickProvider and call GetMajorTicks()/GetMinorTicks() and then use the result to set the delta like in the code example above.
However GetMajorTicks()/GetMinorTicks() need IAxisParams as input. I couldn’t find IAxisParams as a member of my DateTimeAxisViewModel so i tried this:

public class CustomAxisParams : IAxisParams
    public IRange GetMaximumRange()
        throw new NotImplementedException();

    public IRange VisibleRange { get; set; }
    public IRange<double> GrowBy { get; set; }
    public IComparable MinorDelta { get; set; }
    public IComparable MajorDelta { get; set; }

    public AxisParams(IRange visibleRange, IRange<double> growBy, IComparable minorDelta, IComparable majorDelta)
        VisibleRange = visibleRange;
        GrowBy = growBy;
        MinorDelta = minorDelta;
        MajorDelta = majorDelta;

public class CustomDateTimeAxisViewModel : DateTimeAxisViewModel
    private TimeSpan GetAutoMajorDelta()
        var dateTimeTickProvider = new DateTimeTickProvider();
        var axisParams = new AxisParams(VisibleRange, GrowBy, MinorDelta, MajorDelta);
        var majorTicks = dateTimeTickProvider.GetMajorTicks(axisParams);

        if (majorTicks.Count < 2)
            return TimeSpan.Zero;

        // return diff between majorTicks[0] and majorTicks[1]

This does not work because GetMajorTicks() returns always an empty list. How can i achieve the desired behaviour?

Thanks for your help.

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