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I am having trouble determining the parameters to pass to ModifierTouchEventArgs when overriding GestureModifierBase in the latest SciChart versions. I can’t figure out where to get the now required source and target values – the super class returns null when asked.. Code snippet below…

class MyCustomGestureModifier() : GestureModifierBase() {
    override fun onLongPress(e: MotionEvent?) {

    /* This worked in SciChart v4.2.0.4557, but no longer does due to ModifierTouchEvents now requiring source and target
    val args = ModifierTouchEventArgs()
    args.e = e
    args.isHandled = false
    args.isMaster = true
    args.isInSourceBounds = true

    // create touch event args for rollover modifier
    // wants additional parameters for source and target
    val orgEvent = originalTouchEvent // this is null, so where should we get source and target?
    val args = ModifierTouchEventArgs(orgEvent.source,
    args.e = e
    args.isHandled = false



In case it helps, the above snippet is based on a previous discussion at

Thank you.

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