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I have a screen with multiple chart surfaces stacked on top of each other within a ScrollView. I can’t use a single chart surface because each of the charts is combined with other types of views to display extra information about the data in the charts.

I have a few issues I’m trying to solve:

  1. Each of the charts uses the same x-axis range. When a user pinches to zoom or drags to pan on a chart, I want all the charts to be synchronized to zoom and pan at the same time. How can I do this?

  2. Because the charts are embedded in a ScrollView, when I use the following modifiers it is very difficult to smoothly zoom and pan without the ScrollView being activated to scroll up and down. How can I make it so that the ScrollView is deactivated from moving while the user is attempting to zoom or pan a chart

XAxisDragModifier().apply {
dragMode = AxisDragModifierBase.AxisDragMode.Pan
minTouchArea = 1000.0f
PinchZoomModifier().apply {
direction = Direction2D.XDirection

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