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The SciChartDemo compiles and runs just fine out of the box. If I change any of the .m files from “Objective-C” to “Objective-C++” and try to compile I have a linker error:

No matching function for call to ‘SCI_constructGenericType’
Expanded from macro ‘SCIGeneric’
Candidate function not viable: no known conversion from ‘const char [2]’ to ‘char *’ for 2nd argument

If I cast 2nd argument in the macro to (char *) I get the following error:

“SCI_constructGenericType(void*, char*)”
ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture i386
clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

Am I mistaken if I believe that this has to do something with C++ name mangling? More specifically: how can I use SCIGeneric(x) macro in Objective-C++ file?


  • Igor Peric asked 4 years ago
  • last active 4 years ago
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