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I am trying to create a XABCD pattern annotation. Currently, I am able to create the XA, AB, BC, CD legs using LineAnnotation then add the two remaining XB and BD lines programmatically. However, when creating the LineAnnotations, I am not getting the real-time feedback between the 1st and 2nd clicks. I have full source code but from what I can see, all SciChart annotations are at most, limited to 2 clicks. I’ve read through the Fibonacci composite annotations which are close to what I’m trying to achieve but only allow interaction by 2 clicks since they’re based on BoxAnnotation.

I am currently using full MVVM with a custom derived class from AnnotationCreationModifier per this article: Editing annotations and keeping track of them in an mvvm application combined with the Multi-Pane Stock Chart example. For the PatternAnnotationViewModel, I am using dependency properties for X, A, B, C, D so they are bindable if needed.

Huge thanks in advance,

Psuedo code
1st click
Place point X portion of XA LineAnnotation, begin visual feedback for point A
2nd click
Place point A
Set beginning of AB to A, begin visual feedback for point B
3rd click
Place point B
Set beginning of BC, begin visual feedback for point C
Draw XB LineAnnotation
PolygonFill XAB region
4th click
Place point C
Set beginning of CD, begin visual feedback for point D
5th click
Place point D
Draw BD LineAnnotation
PolygonFill BCD region

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