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Hi there,

I’am using your example that name is SyncMultipleChartsFragment.
I want to share pinch zoom modifier all other charts. Your example provides “ModifiersSharedEventsGroup” . When zooming on chart other charts handle this zoom operation. In this case, fingers are just in a chart.
How can I make a finger zoom on 1 chart while the other finger is on a different chart.

Below I’am sharing a video about this problem.
Link of video :

Thank you very much,
Have a good day,

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I tried implementing pinch zooming for real time chart in the demo project(FIFO Performance Demo and ECG Monitor Demo) and found that it’s not possible.

I used the following code:

self.surface = [[SCIChartSurface alloc] initWithView: self.sciChartSurfaceView];
SCIPinchZoomModifier * pzm = [[SCIPinchZoomModifier alloc] init];
[pzm setModifierName:@”PinchZoom Modifier”];
self.surface.chartModifier = pzm;

If it is so, then how can I achieve it ?

  • Chui asked 5 years ago
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