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Hello, SciChart!

I have a polar plot that has 4 X-Axis labels on it, running in the sequence 0, 90, 180, 270. I notice that these labels are oriented so that if one were standing in the center of the chart and looking out to the labels they’d be readable as is, but when viewed from outside, they are not rotated properly (i.e. the “90” is upside down, the 0 and 180 are on their sides, and the 270 label is correct).

Is there a mode in the polar plots whereby the chart could orient the labels so that they’re all “right side up”? Could this mode take into account (perhaps via a bindable angular offset value) any rotation of the chart overall?

What I’m trying to produce at the moment is a negative 90-degree rotated polar plot with labels like this


270 (chart guts) 90

In the morning I’ll probably try to code this on my own, but wanted to check with you to see if it’s already there, and/or suggest a feature for a next version of SciChart.


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