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I would like to draw a polygon over a heatMap using an inherited class of UniformHeatMapDataSeries.
An example using FastHeatMapRenderableSeries was described here : ,but it is now deprecated since SciCharts V5.

Instead of that, i tried to declare an inherited class of CustomRenderableSeries as shown here :

public class PolygonRenderableSeries : CustomRenderableSeries {
protected override void Draw(IRenderContext2D renderContext, IRenderPassData renderPassData)
base.Draw(renderContext, renderPassData);

What i need now is to pass a List of Polygons to this class in order to draw them directly. I know how to draw a polygon, but i don’t know how to override the renderPassData for adding polygons to it.

Could you help me about that ?
Best regards,

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I attached two images of what I need to do (easier than explaining it), I’m interested in the blue polygon, It could resemble the use of columns with the polar chart, but not quite, is there a simple way to do this or could someone point me to the right direction?

Thank you


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I have the necessity to allow the user to draw one or several polygons upon a heatmap chart to let him select the region he is interested in. See attached image.

I don’t want to selected the markers inside the drawn polygon, only to know the coordinates (in data coordinates, not screen) of the various point that define the polygon.
I saw that the way to do this is to use Annotations however it’s not clear to me if is it possible to have the same behaviour of the BoxAnnotation but with a polygon (without any side number limit)?

Thank you,


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I’m in need to draw polygons around series, so they must scale correctly when zooming and support transparency.
So far I am unable to find a native and simple way to do it, can anybody help me?

Thank you so much

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