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Hello, i want to customize tooltip in graph (SplineBandRenderableSeries), i can change the tooltip content but if i return svg like your example ( return <svg width="${width}" height="${height}">
<circle cx="50%" cy="50%" r="50%" fill="${tooltipColor}"/>
<svg width="100%">
<text y="40" font-size="13" font-family="Verdana" dy="0" fill="${tooltipTextColor}">
<tspan x="15" dy="1.2em">${tooltipTitle}</tspan>
<tspan x="15" dy="1.2em">x: ${seriesInfo.formattedXValue} y: ${seriesInfo.formattedYValue}</tspan>
It doesn’t work. I have this error in console: Error from chart in div band0 TypeError: valuesWithLabels.reduce is not a function
Error from chart in div band0 DOMException: Failed to execute ‘removeChild’ on ‘Node’: The node to be removed is not a child of this node.
at RolloverTooltipSvgAnnotation.delete …

My graph has 3 renderableSeries (1 XyDataSeries and 2 XyyDataSeries)

Please can you send me an example in (javascript) for modify tooltip styling ?


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Is it possible to display distinct labels for Y, and Y1 on BandRenderableSeriesViewModel using RollerOverModifier?

I have tried using following code snippet for RolloverModifier.TooltipTemplate, additionally tried using TooltipContainerStyle with a custom template. With these, same tooltip appears on both the lines. Is it possible to
1- Either display tooltip on only one line (e.g. on the red line), and point markers on both lines.
2- Or display a single label with current point markers’s value on each line i.e. Y on Red, and Y1 on green?
3- Set point marker colors to same as line’s as circled on the screenshot?

<DataTemplate x:Key="BandTooltipTemplate" DataType="s:XyySeriesInfo">
    <StackPanel Orientation="Vertical">
        <TextBlock Foreground="White">
            <Run Text="Series: "/>
            <Run Text="{Binding SeriesName, StringFormat='{}{0}:', Mode=OneWay}"/>
        <TextBlock Foreground="White">
            <Run Text="Top: "/>
            <Run Text="{Binding FormattedYValue, Mode=OneWay}"/>
        <TextBlock Foreground="White">
            <Run Text="Bottom: "/>
            <Run Text="{Binding FormattedY1Value, Mode=OneWay}"/>

Existing result screenshot attached.

Thanks, Roger.

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I want to develop a rollover in my IOS application, like the example of Using RolloverModifier. However, the axis label & tooltip display of rollover in this example is static, I want to customize a the the label & tooltip that I want, .xib file or coding to develop also fine.

Can anyone help or give suggestions to my problems? Thanks.

  • Gumbo F asked 5 years ago
  • last active 2 years ago
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I’m using a rollover tooltip to display series info.
Tooltips are shown in the same order data points are hit, so it changes while i would like to fix it so the user always see the series in the same position throughout the chart.

Thank you

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I have a chart which includes a RolloverModifier with Tooltip shown on MouseHover. This works very well, and RolloverModifer includes a nice HoverDelay property to determine how quickly the tooltip displays. Is there a way to get an event when the tooltip is actually displayed (or about to be displayed)? The normal FrameworkElement.TooltipOpening event does not fire in this situation.


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