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I want to implement a requirement to stack several different y-axes on top of a common x-axis that shows time and that all y-axes share. Like the examples “Vertically Stacked Axes”, “Multi-Pane Stock Charts” and “16-channel EEG”.
The one the is the most similar to what I need is the “Vertically stacked axes” but the lines overlap and are not truly separated (possibly implementation detail).
Now two of the examples use a SciChartGroup and several SciChartSurfaces and one uses one SciChartSurface and changes the Y-Axes.
It is a technical Chart and not used for Stocks. Like several temperature (or even mixing with a pressure) lines but in separate charts like “Vertically stacked Axes” and synced to the timeline axis.
But the y-Axes are configurable with different styles and some could be automatically adjusting the range and some not. They will not share the same visual and behavioral styles and must not overlap.

What would be the best way to go or recommended? SciChartGroup or one SciChartSurface. Would it be even possible to implement the behavior on one surface? Any alternatives?

What makes me ask the question?
I had some code in xaml and could style and databind it but the more this gets configurable and unpredictable at design time I end up creating everything in code. I think especially when using multiple SciChartSurfaces. This deprives me of the possibilities of XAML I believe. I still want to have the possibility to style and bind it without coding tons of lines.

  • Uwe Hafner asked 9 years ago
  • last active 9 years ago
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I am considering applying server-side licensing for my javerScript application.

In the document below, there is a phrase “Our server-side licensing component is written in C++.”

However, there is only sample code on the provided github.

I wonder if there is a sample code implemented in C++ for server-side licensing.

Can you provide c++ sample code?
Also, are there any examples to run on Ubuntu?

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I wonder what the most efficient way is to completely reset (clean up) a SciChartGroup? I add all kinds of panes, add data series, add renderable series on different panes. Now, with a single call I like to reset the SciChartSurface to its original state (empty). I want to have all panes removed, as well as references the sciChartGroup may hold to panes, and references the panes hold to different renderable series and data series. I tried to clear ChartPaneViewModels, an observable collection that holds objects of type BaseChartPaneViewModel (which in turn implements IChildPane and ViewModelBase) but that did not have any effect. My SciChartGroup binds via ItemsSource to ChartPaneViewModels

What is your recommendation how to best reset the whole sciChartGroup?


  • bbmat asked 9 years ago
  • last active 9 years ago
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I would like to paint SciChartSurface between definite X values with another color. Please see attached screenshot (grey area).
Is there easy and perfomance cost efficient way to do it? Now I just use TickProvider to draw 2 lines as borders of the area.

  • RTrade A asked 9 years ago
  • last active 9 years ago
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I constantly have OutOfMemoryException when I set IChartSeriesViewModel.DataSeries.FifoCapacity and there are 4 or more chart on a single SciChartSurface.
Exception’s code block is

viewModel.DataSeries.FifoCapacity = 1000000;

where viewModel is newly created instance of ChartSeriesViewModel class.
What it could be?

Exception stack trace is

A.  `1..ctor(Int32  )
Abt.Controls.SciChart.Model.DataSeries.DataSeries`2.set_FifoCapacity(Nullable`1 value)

p.s. I have no opportunity to set x64 as target platform. My SciChart version is 3.1 but there is the same problem with 3.22.

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I need normal (not categorical) x-axes and hence need the SciChartSurface rather than SciStockChart but SciChartSurface does not seem to have the property “IsXAxisVisible” and a number rather vital properties. How can I create a multi pane chart group where I can use SciChartSurface and still retain the ability of, for example, a shared x-Axis?


  • bbmat asked 9 years ago
  • last active 9 years ago
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Hello everybody!
Is there any event that raises at the begin of a render pass? For example, Render event is called everytime at the end of render pass.
Thanks in advance.

  • Egor asked 10 years ago
  • last active 9 years ago
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Hi Scichart,

I am struggling with a ContextMenu on a SciChartSurface that wont be displayed.

The problem started when i added mouse panning with the right mouse-button which is the same button the ContextMenu is activated on.

So will this combination even work – with both a ContextMenu and mouse panning with the right mouse button?

To manually validate if the ContextMenu should open or if the panning should be enabled, I have tried to get the mouse coordinates manually in C# to see if the mouse was moved(panning) or if it was a click(ContextMenu). This did not work very well when i afterwards started to pan/zoom again.

Do you have a code example using both a ContextMenu and mouse panning using right mouse button?

Best regards,

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