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What version of .NET Framework does scichart v4.2.1 support ?

I would like to know the minimum and maximum versions.

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We are planning to purchase SciChart wpf library, based on your answer for the question below we will decide whether we have to purchase library with source code or only binary is sufficient.


Our application is an library (Lib1.dll) which gets loaded into another application(App.exe) via some predefined interfaces. And there is possibility of multiple instances of library(Lib2.dll, Lib 3.dll, **.dll) from different vendors could be loaded into the same application.


In WPF Framework, when it tries to load the Control library of same name but different versions (and public Key Token), then it throws an exception. This issue arises only when control library has the same name. Since in Sci Chart, it has been decided to remove version information from control library , then if Lib1.dll uses SciChart control version 1.0 and Lib2.dll from other vendor loads the SciChart version 2.0, it will throw an exception.


One solution is to ensure that all the SciChart libraries including future versions have different library names. Any other option ??

Let us know if you need any clarification.

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