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I need normal (not categorical) x-axes and hence need the SciChartSurface rather than SciStockChart but SciChartSurface does not seem to have the property “IsXAxisVisible” and a number rather vital properties. How can I create a multi pane chart group where I can use SciChartSurface and still retain the ability of, for example, a shared x-Axis?


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I am using a SciStockChart and trying to add Trade Markers as outlined here However, I am not getting a proper xCoordinate from the coordinate calculator. I believe SciStockChart is using a CategoryCoordinateCalculator and I must do an extra step in order to get the proper result from the DateTime input. Here is the line that is not working correctly. double xCoord = xCoordCalculator.GetCoordinate(trade.ExecutionTime.Value); Is there another step I need to take in order to get the proper xCoord value?

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I want to add a rollover modifier that would show the Open, High, Low, Close and Date/Time of a bar on the chart in the upper left-hand corner (much like the “” example but for a SciStockChart) but I have’t been able to figure out how to do so. I own SciChart v3.1.0.4549. Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated. Thanks….

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I have a problem with the zoom on stock chart.
If i have 2,3,4… windows opened with stock chart on each, and if I zoom on one an window, the zoom works on all window.
But I want to zoom only on selected chart.

How can I fix it please?

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I would like to delete selected annotation when “delete” key are pressed on it; like this :

(newAnnotation as AnnotationBase).KeyDown += (o, e) =>

I made this method when I create annotation on CreationModifier.AnnotationCreated event.
but is not work; the event are not handled.
Can you tell me how can I do this please

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