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A client responded that the line diagram drawn by scient.js on the mobile phone could not be seen.
We follow the user’s log and find that there is such content

2022/09/21 07:02:27.981 exception thrown: RuntimeError: function signature mismatch,RuntimeError: function signature mismatch
            at <anonymous>:wasm-function[2101]:0x5fc72
            at <anonymous>:wasm-function[1355]:0x2a029
            at <anonymous>:wasm-function[2409]:0x7ef3a
            at Ch (<anonymous>:wasm-function[4028]:0x12f27f)
            at r._main (<anonymous>:16:687711)
            at Object.Ma [as callMain] (<anonymous>:16:688823)
            at <anonymous>:16:565075

2022/09/21 07:02:27.981 Could not load SciChart WebAssembly module.
            Check your build process and ensure that your scichart2d.wasm, and scichart2d.js files are from the same version

We try to reproduce many different devices. At present, it seems that only the device will happen. The following is the information of the device

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