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We are using a simple SciChart setup like the following:

        <Grid Margin="20,45,50,20">

    <!--  Create the chart surface  -->
    <s:SciChartSurface Name="SparseValuesPlot" s:ThemeManager.Theme="Chrome">

        <!--  Declare RenderableSeries  -->
            <s:FastLineRenderableSeries DataSeries="{Binding Values}" Style="{Binding PlotStyle, Converter={StaticResource plotStyleConverter}}" />

        <!--  Create an X Axis  -->
            <s:NumericAxis AxisAlignment="Bottom" GrowBy="0.1, 0.1" AxisTitle="{Binding XAxisTitle}" AutoRange="Never" VisibleRange="{Binding XRange}" />

        <!--  Create a Y Axis  -->
            <s:NumericAxis AxisAlignment="Left" GrowBy="0.1, 0.1" AxisTitle="{Binding YAxisTitle}" AutoRange="Never" VisibleRange="{Binding YRange}" />


Is there a way to fix the aspect ratio of the chart such that a unit on the x-axis is displayed with the same number of pixels than a unit on the y-axis?

Right now the chart is streched with the surrounding grid. I tried to set height and width of the SciChartSurface but this does not keep the relations because the axis label areas may take different amount of space.


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