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Hello all,

I was trying to export my SciChartSurface to bitmap, to save in a pdf.

First I tried ExportToBitmapSource(true/false, wantedSize) method. It leaded to StackOverflowException.
Then I tried to set explicitly the Height and Width and call the parameterless ExportToBitmapSource() method. It works fine, saves fine, but for a second I see the modified Height and Width and axes.
I tried them sync and async calls too.

Have you ever met these kind of functioning, or is the failure in me?

On my SciChart almost everything has predefined Style. Maybe that’s why the ExportToBitmapSource(true/false, wantedSize) dies while cloning the chart inside?

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I have an application that allows users to select between different sources of data, which then updates a chart with the newly selected data (see attached image for an example). I’ve noticed that when toggling between a few of the data sources rapidly, a Stack Overflow Exception will occur (after toggling for about a minute).

Sometimes the error will be generated from SciChart.dll, other times it will be generated from WindowsBase.dll. There’s no stack trace from these exceptions and I haven’t been able to makes sense of the crash dump files.

Are there any known conditions for this error (and/or any potential workarounds)? I’ve produced a small sample application to reproduce this issue outside our application. I’d be happy to provide the application, if needed.


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