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When we move the cursor fast in Sci Chart surface, Sometimes its making customized tooltip (cursor Modifier) to freeze. We are not having this issue in landscape mode. we have this issue only when we use it in half of fragment.

View hierarchy:
swipe refresh>
nested Scrollview>
constraint layout>
view> –50% of screen
Sci Graphview> –50% of screen
/ constraint layout>
/nested Scrollview>
/swipe refresh>

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Dear support,

What is the best way to anchor a GroupBox to the top right corner of a SciChartSurface (as shown in the attached screenshot)? At the moment, I am using an absolute positioning that often fails at initialization or when the surface is resized. I am looking into the annotation API, but have not yet found a clean solution.

Thank you,

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3d Surface Chart
I have read the announcement for 3d charts on iOS and Android. That’s exactly me requirement.
Is a release date already planned or is a beta version available?
What are the limitations for a 3d chart on Android (number of points, memory consumption, time to create the view).
We need a 3d surface chart with x=400 points and y= ~1000point (400’000 points).

  • Is this possible?
  • Can this chart be rotated fluid?

2d Chart
I have a requirement for a 2d chart on Android.
The user must be able to move some points in a line chart. Like “design” a set curve.

  • Is this possible?
  • Exist’s some codes samples?

Best regards

  • Urs Geser asked 5 years ago
  • last active 5 years ago
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Is it possible to give an arrow type style to the axes? As seen in the attached image.

It would be perfect!

Otherwise, I would like to know if it is not possible, not to take into account this characteristic in my development.

I hope you can give me a clue please. Thanks in advance.

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Annotation chart sample Drag Horizontal Threshold allow us to draw custom controllable color for the data series. The same way I need to draw the chart surface background color. I couldn’t find the appropriate API to do this job. Could you advise how to draw surface background color.


Attached the graph image, I like to draw the grey and white backgrounds based on horizontal and vertical line positions.


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