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I’ve been following your instructions on linking multiple charts here:

I have found that one chart in isolation runs at the full 60fps smoothness, but with each chart that is synchronised, it gets progressively slower until 5+ synced charts, at which point it becomes almost unusable. This is definitely an issue for our use-case, which will require a large number of synchronised charts.

This is currently using uniform heatmap charts only, I haven’t tried it with any others.

The issue occurs with and without data, i.e. a completely empty heatmap.

I also found that if I follow the instructions to the letter (i.e. a full two-directional link, with one chart pushing position changes to the other, and vice-versa), I get “Maximum depth exceeded” errors due to the infinite loop.

Am I doing something wrong? Are you able to recreate this issue?


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Is there way to create surfaces in different threads (on the same WPF Window) and then synchronize them via groups – methods SciChartGroup.SetVerticalChartGroup() and MouseManager.SetMouseEventGroup() ? Now i catch threads access error 🙁


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