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Let me first describe the issue we have and why I think a possible solution would be to catch the double tap event.

Our chart consists of 6 series. We have an X axis that shows timestamps and 5 Y axis’ for different data like pressure value, temperature, etc. which are of type double. Additionally under the chart we have a legend that displays these 5 Y axis series (one series per one Y axis) with ability to change the visibility of the series and axis.

The problem occurred when as an example, temperature values throughout are constant, e.g. 24.5. The line gets drawn and it is a stable line. Axis is also displayed. However, when a user does the double tap gesture on the chart surface, which usually resets the zoom extents, the axis that has static/non-changing values does some sort of re-initialize animation and after several of double tab gestures only axis label remains (minor and major ticks disappear).

If I could catch the double tap gesture event and override it I could for example say that if the data is static don’t do anything. However, I don’t know where this event is and how to override it.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

  • pauzu asked 5 years ago
  • last active 5 years ago
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I’ve been pouring through the documentation and examples and cannot find an example of this. Has anyone been able to accomplish this and willing to share an example? Thanks.

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