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I have a DateTimeAxis.

While I can see a way to template the format the text for all the axis tick labels, I need a way to completely override what is being rendered for each item. I want, for example, today’s date to be in bold, and to apply other text/buttons below the axis label conditionally, depending on logic specific to that date.

Is this possible?

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Hi there,

I would like to use a column chart with labels. Our client tends to use really long names for these labels, so I was wondering if it is possible that these labels wrap. I could find no property in the docs or source that achieves this. The attached screenshot shows the current (and undesired) rendering.

The current behavior seems to be that labels in between are hidden when longer labels overlap them. Is this a configurable property? In our case, the labels may never be hidden.

Kind regards,
Tim Havinga

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Hi There!

I created a UserControl that contains amongst other stuff a SciChartSurface. That control can be resized by the user to any size and is together with a lot of other stuff in a grid. The user can create a PDF of the whole whole grid using RenderTargetBitmap.

For the PDF the grid is resized by a factor x to get a higher resolution. All children of that grid are repostioned and so on and it all works. The Chart looking really good in the PDF, but the TickLabels are not resizing when changing the FontSize of their axis.

I tried to bind the FontSize in the TickLabelStyle to the Axis FontSize in XAML and tried to set the binding in code behind but I can’t get it to work.

Anyone got an idea how to set TickLabelStyle.FontSize the same as its axis FontSize?

UPDATE: Manged to set a binding in the TickLabelStyle to the upper NumericAxis, but now I have the tick labels font size changing itself between the new and old font size all the time until I it change back to the old font size.

Thanks for any help!

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Hi, guys

Please take look at:

So my question is

Is there a way to highlight a line of a gridlines to which the label belong? It can be a color changed or something similar that can be easily perceived by the user.

Best regards,
Sushynski Andrei

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Is there a way to provide custom text for the labels in a PieChartSegment? I want to format the text, but haven’t been able to find a label formatter for the pie charts.

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On Vertical chart Label overlapping on smaller height. I have tried maxAutoTicks also and on the lower height, it’s getting one error. This error is occurring when the width is 0 sometimes. Can you please check this issues?

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I have a line chart and need to implement textAlign: left property for tickLabel on yAxis. I have found some way to do it on the forum, but it does not work in my case:
xAxis.setAxisTickLabelStyle(new AxisTickLabelStyle(Gravity.CENTER, Layout.Alignment.ALIGN_CENTER, 5, 0, 5, 0));
I get the error:
Alignment cannot be converted to int
But according documentation AxisTickLabelStyle class get 5 int arguments. Can you help me please how to solve it!

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We are using NumericAxis for the y-axis and x-axis of a bar chart. The x-axis uses a LabelProvider (to convert integers to strings) and a TickLabelStyle (to rotate the label by 270 degrees so it is vertical going from the bottom to the top). We find that sometimes the y-axis is not drawn (however, it will be drawn if the chart is resized or re-painted).

The work-around to the problem is adding spaces to the front of the shorter labels so all of the labels are all the same length. However, this work-around does not work for every case.

Have you seen this issue before and is there a better solution? Thanks!

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