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I would like to paint SciChartSurface between definite X values with another color. Please see attached screenshot (grey area).
Is there easy and perfomance cost efficient way to do it? Now I just use TickProvider to draw 2 lines as borders of the area.

  • RTrade A asked 9 years ago
  • last active 9 years ago
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I am using the 2D Heatmap with text as my working prototype. I wish to have a secondary Axis on the opposite side of my man Axis that displays a count for that row or column. To display this information is simple enough through using the LabelProvider (although two lines maybe a bit tricky), and I can do some stuff with the TickProvider when it gets a bit too busy.

My question is on how I can position these TickLabels to be in the center of a row/column?

My first thought was I could be cheeky and set the margin value to offset it in its style but it seems it only works so far with the TickLabel just displayed below the tick.

        <Style x:Key="LeftAxisLabelStyle" TargetType="s:NumericTickLabel">
                   <Setter Property="Margin" Value="0,0,0,-30"/>

enter image description here

What I am trying to achieve seems to be the default positioning for column charts, and histograms. I was wondering if there is a behind the scenes option or an override I’ve missed to set this?

Alternatively annotations maybe the way to go but I get the impression that this is more for on chart labels rather than for Axis?

p.s. I think when dealing with multiple Axes, you should give an warning/error if an “Id” is not given to secondary Axis as the graph will just show blank.

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I want to change the major tick of a CategoryDateTimeAxis.
I saw “Advanced Tick Frequency Overriding”.
It’s very helpful for me.

I tried to extends CategoryTickCoordinatesProvider class but I think that shouldn’t be work.

So how should I do?
Please help me, thanks

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I’m trying to use LogarithmicNumericAxis for y-axis. But when chart has a small range of values (for a example, from 32 to 41) the axis became a empty.

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Hello SciChart team,

How do I serialize custom tick placement and labels, generated by TickProviderAPI and LabelProvider? Actually, the main problem is that I need to export high quality (i.e. higher than actual figure size on screen) PNG images in MVVM application and method ExportToFile(fileName, ExportType.Png, false, new Size(…, …)) produces axis ticks and labels as if they were controled by original MinorDelta and MajorDelta parameters. ExportToFile() without size parameter produces output correctly, so that must be due to not-serialized TickProvider and LabeProvider properties (?), which in exported serialized surface string does not exist.

Thank you!

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On graphs with many axes it can often be difficult to read as the tics don’t line up with grid-lines.

What I would like to try is having a fixed number of grid lines (either a set number or based on the size of the graph) and then having all axis ticks aligned with the grid. To make the ticks human friendly I would then want to slightly zoom out each axis so that tics become nice numbers.

I am imagining it would also need to slightly adjust the zoom levels each time user interactions interact with the graph, i.e. if the user was to use a rubberband modifier to zoom in, I would expect I would need to hook in somehow to zoom out very slightly to get nice numbers on the tics, as they can no longer float about to nice values.

Is there any easy way I could experiment with something like this.

  • Hugoagogo asked 11 months ago
  • last active 9 months ago
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I have a custom LabelProvider and TickProvider implemented for my X axis. In general the label culling works fine, but sometimes it shows the first tick label and starts culling with the second, and other times it starts with the first tick label immediately. I would like to always show the first tick label, and then cull from that point. Is this possible?

I found this post from 5 years ago, which indicates I would need to do the culling myself, but was hoping maybe there have been some updates on this?

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