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I am doing all of my integration with SciChart using c# code.
Is there a way to simply customize the text of the Rollover modifier?

By default it shows

x: somevalue
y: somevalue
z: somevalue


when a data point is selected. I would like to simply change it to


Time: somevalue
Profit: somevalue

Is there a way to do this in pure c# without having to define xml templates etc?

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I recently upgraded from v3 to v5, and I cannot figure out what to replace ToolTipLabelTemplate types with now that it’s missing. I saw in a different question like this that you directed them to look at ToolTipModifier documentation, and I have looked there, but I can’t find anything helpful for this problem. Could you please direct me to an example or explain what to change for a ToolTipLabelTemplate to make it work in v5.


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A question was recently asked on priority support tickets – how to to apply a Template Selector to the RolloverModifier, to display different tooltips based on series type?

We are answering the question below so that other users can benefit from it!

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