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Getting an exception when trying to add tooltip template MVVM style to a blox plot. The chart also contains a scatter plot which should not be styled. That works fine, hoverwer, when I move the mouse over a box in the box plot, the exception is thrown.

I want to keep the styling, I just want to write something different than the default text.

The template:

  <DataTemplate DataType="scalarPlot:ToolTipData" x:Key="BoxSeriesTooltipTemplate">
      <Run Text="Max:      " />
      <Run Text="{Binding Maximum}" />
      <LineBreak />
      <Run Text="P90:       " />
      <Run Text="{Binding P90}" />
      <LineBreak />
      <Run Text="Median: " />
      <Run Text="{Binding Median}" />
      <LineBreak />
      <Run Text="P10:       " />
      <Run Text="{Binding P10}" />
      <LineBreak />
      <Run Text="Min:       " />
      <Run Text="{Binding Minimum}" />
      <LineBreak />

The binding:

      <Style TargetType="s:BaseRenderableSeries" x:Key="BoxSeriesStyle">
        <Setter Property="s:TooltipModifier.TooltipTemplate" Value="{StaticResource BoxSeriesTooltipTemplate}"/>
        <Setter Property="s:TooltipModifier.IncludeSeries" Value="True"/>

The modifier:

        <s:TooltipModifier IsEnabled="True" ShowTooltipOn="Always" ReceiveHandledEvents="True" TooltipLabelDataContextSelector="{Binding ToolTipDataContext}"/>

The view model:

    private static IRenderableSeriesViewModel CreateBoxPlotViewModel(BoxPlotDataSeries<int, float> boxPlotDataSeries)
        return new BoxPlotRenderableSeriesViewModel
            DataSeries = boxPlotDataSeries,
            Stroke = Colors.SteelBlue,
            Fill = new LinearGradientBrush(Colors.White, Colors.LightSteelBlue, new System.Windows.Point(0, 0), new System.Windows.Point(0.5, 1)),
            StyleKey = "BoxSeriesStyle"

The data context selector:

    public Func<SeriesInfo, object> ToolTipDataContext
            return seriesInfo =>
                       return seriesInfo switch
                           BoxPlotSeriesInfo boxInfo =>
                               new ToolTipData
                                   Fill = seriesInfo.Fill,
                                   Stroke = seriesInfo.Stroke,
                                   Maximum = (float) boxInfo.MaximumValue,
                                   P90 = (float) boxInfo.UpperQuartileValue,
                                   Median = (float) boxInfo.MedianValue,
                                   P10 = (float) boxInfo.LowerQuartileValue,
                                   Minimum = (float) boxInfo.MinimumValue
                           _ => seriesInfo
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