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I just purchased this library 2 days ago, and my first impression is WOW! Very happy with my purchase for my small team. That being said I have a unique design requirement and I’m struggling to figure out how to resolve.

Our app utilizes a cursor indicator in the form of a vertical line, this indicator is used as a visual reference and synced across multiple charts. The behavior needs to be similar to how a RollOver modifier works, however the vertical line needs to stay in place, when the user is not “Mouse – Left Down”. Because the RollOver indicator goes away when not hovering over the chart, I decided to make a custom mouse modifier.

Essentially I created a “vertical line annotation” then disabled the dragging (want it to be moved only by mouse cursor movement, and not requiring the user to drag). Made a custom mouse modifier, where OnMouseModiferDown I set a bool flag, then OnMouseMoodiferMove I get the mouse cursor position and update the X1 binding of the cursor, finally OnMouseModiferUp I set the bool flag to false.

The Issue: With my custom mouse modifier the Vertical Line annotation lags the mouse position, It almost looks like there is some sort of smoothing applied to the movement? Is there a way to turn this effect off or reduce it? Here is a link to the behavior to highlight what I’m seeing.
Video of Behavior

My Code is given below.


<local:mouseMove ExecuteOn="MouseMove"/>

<s:VerticalSliceModifier IsEnabled="True">
        <s:VerticalLineAnnotation IsEditable="False" LabelPlacement="Axis" ShowLabel="False" X1="{Binding cursorPoint Mode=TwoWay}" Style="{StaticResource sliceStyle}" />

C#, Mouse Modifier (MouseMove)

public class mouseMove : XAxisDragModifier
        private bool moveCursor { get; set; }
        public override void OnModifierMouseDown(ModifierMouseArgs e)
            if (e.MouseButtons == MouseButtons.Left)
                moveCursor = true;
        public override void OnModifierMouseUp(ModifierMouseArgs e)
            if (e.MouseButtons == MouseButtons.Left)
                moveCursor = false;
        public override void OnModifierMouseMove(ModifierMouseArgs e)
            if ((Keyboard.Modifiers == ModifierKeys.Control))
                //This is my keybind for the RuberBandXY, ignore this mouse event if Ctrl + Left Mouse Down
                if (moveCursor)
                    // Get mouse point
                    var mousePoint = e.MousePoint;

                    mousePoint = ParentSurface.RootGrid.TranslatePoint(mousePoint, ParentSurface.ModifierSurface);
                    var xDataValue = ParentSurface.XAxis.GetDataValue(mousePoint.X);
                    ParentSurface.Annotations[0].X1 = xDataValue;

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Hi All,

We have included in our wpf chart vertical slices to show markers on data series, but when a vertical slice is added, one marker per series is shown at the same time.
Is it possible to show only one marker per series and per vertical line annotation? We want to add serveral vertical slices, and each one has a marker to only one series.
Please find attached two pictures: the first one represents what we have, and the second one represents what we need.

Thank you in advance

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