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I try to add data series and have them rendered on a chart surface. The surface and entire chart library is wrapped in an mvvm-based api. The sci chart control and wrapping library are rendered on a document panel. I add new data series via the viewmodel and here is where I have some unexpected behavior:

a) When being on a different document panel, meaning the chart control is NOT visible, and when I add a new data series via view model and then view the document panel that hosts the sci chart control, no chart series are rendered on the chart but I do see the correct legend data (such as chart series name, color, stroke thickness). Please see below screen shot “Capture1.jpg” .

b) When I make the sci chart control visible by viewing the document panel that hosts the sci chart control and then via a button and command add the very same data series via my chart control’s view model the charts are correctly rendered. Please see “Capture2.jpg”.

My question is why is that the case? I basically expose a method in my chart library view model that lets me add data and if I invoke that methods while being on a document panel that does not host the chart control the added data series is not rendered on the chart. But strangely the correct chart legend data are displayed and also the chart control itself is correctly rendered. No problems when the hosting document panel is active and the very same method is invoked.

Basically what I currently observe is that the data series are not rendered at all as long as the chart control is not “in view” or the hosting document panel is not selected. I am sure programmatically all references and bindings are correct.

I have spend many hours debugging this issue and do not seem to find an answer. Any pointers?

Thanks a lot,


Here is how I bind the content control to the view model of my sci chart charting library (user control)

<ContentControl Grid.Row="1" Content="{Binding ChartControl, Mode=OneWay}" />

…and the view model is instantiated in the hosting view model constructor:

public MainWindowViewModel()
   ChartControl = new SciChartControlViewModel();

    ExitApplicationCommand = new RelayCommand(OnExitApplicationCommand);
    LoadDataSeriesFromFilesCommand = new RelayCommand(OnLoadDataSeriesFromFilesCommand);
    RefreshDataSeriesFromFilesCommand = new RelayCommand(OnRefreshDataSeriesFromFilesCommand);



…Test() performs the following action:

private void Test()
    var quotes = new List<Quote>();
    List<DateTime> timeStamps = new List<DateTime>();
    List<double> values = new List<double>();
    List<SciChartAnnotation> annotations = new List<SciChartAnnotation>();
    Random rand = new Random((int)DateTime.Now.Ticks);
    DateTime currentDt = DateTime.Now;
    double currentValue = 0;

    for (int index = 0; index <= 50000; index++)
        var randomValue = rand.NextDouble();
        currentDt = currentDt + TimeSpan.FromSeconds(randomValue);
        currentValue = currentValue + randomValue - 0.5;

        if (index % 1000 == 0)
            var buySell = rand.NextDouble() > 0.5 ? SciChartAnnotationDirection.Buy : SciChartAnnotationDirection.Sell;
            annotations.Add(new SciChartAnnotation(buySell, currentDt, currentValue, "Index:" + index));


        quotes.Add(new Quote(){DataProviderId = "Provider1", SymbolId = "Symbol1", QuoteType = QuoteType.BidAsk, CompressionType = TimeCompressionType.NoCompression, CompressionUnits = 0, TimeStamp = currentDt, Bid = currentValue, Ask= currentValue + 0.05, });


    ChartControl.AddDataSet("Pane1", "0.00000", quotes, annotations);
    //ChartControl.AddDataSet("MattSeries", ChartType.Scatter, 1, "0.00000", timeStamps, values);


…it basically tries to render chart series and annotations.

Strangely, as mentioned before, the series legends render correctly and the annotations also all render correctly but the chart series do not! Could this be a bug?

  • bbmat asked 5 years ago
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I want to made custom verticalLine extension which drag to series point. I use MVVM pattern. I made a custom VerticalLine from VerticalLineAnnotationViewModel. I set X1 value from model then the position of line chaning, then I drag the line with mouse. I get the earlier value of X1 in the DragSarted event, not that value which I set in model.
How can I gat correct value from DragStart?
I found similar problem in forum

  • Zsolt Huse asked 3 years ago
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I manually re-calculate my displayed axis ranges when new data points are appended or when a specific portion of the data is selected to view from a ListBox, but I would like to leave the axis ranges as-is if the user has zoomed-in (using the built-in ZoomModifiers). Is there a way for my ViewModel to know this has happened so I can avoid recalculating in that case?


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I refactored from using custom RenderableSeries to a custom RenderableSeriesViewModel which has fixed a refresh bug in the chart:

  public class CustomExclusionRenderableSeriesViewModel : BaseRenderableSeriesViewModel
     public override Type RenderSeriesType => typeof(CustomExclusionRenderableSeries);

However I am invoking MouseLeftButtonUp in the chart code behind and performing a hit test. The HitTest method is not exposed on the BaseRenderableSeriesViewModel:

 private void SciChartSurfaceMouseLeftButtonUp(object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e)
    // Perform the hit test relative to the GridLinesPanel
    Point hitTestPoint = e.GetPosition(this.sciChart.GridLinesPanel as UIElement);

    // Get hit test the RenderableSeries using interpolation
    this.ViewModel.HitTestInfo = this.ViewModel.ExclusionSeries.HitTest(hitTestPoint, true);

Is there any way to get the series instance from the view model & hit test it?

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To whom this may concern:

I’d like to refer to the “Spline Scatter Line Chart” example in the SciChart Examples package. If I were to make this a CustomRenderableSeriesViewModel that I can set in a ViewModel class, how would I go about doing that?

I am using SciChart v4, and here’s what I know so far:

  1. CustomRenderableSeriesViewModel : BaseRenderableSeriesViewModel
  2. ViewType = typeof(CustomRenderableSeries)

My code so far is:

public class CustomRenderableSeriesViewModel : BaseRenderableSeriesViewModel
    public override Type ViewType => typeof(CustomRenderableSeries);

How would I go about setting the IsSplineEnabled property of the CustomRenderableSeries through the CustomRenderableSeriesViewModel class?

FYI: I have looked here and the Worked Example – CustomRenderableSeries in MVVM link goes to the SciChart v5 User manual.
Additionally, this is a duplicate of this issue on Stack Overflow (since I thought you were still fielding questions on there). Feel free to answer on either or both.

Can you please advise?

  • Ari Sagiv asked 5 years ago
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I am getting started with SciChart and attempting to use it for a project I’m working on.

I am attempting to make a 3D scatter plot whose data is populated through a ViewModel.

Below is a my xaml:

 <UserControl x:Class="CustomWindow.Pages.Results_Page.Common_Tests.Positional6DOFErrorTest"
             d:DesignHeight="360" d:DesignWidth="712">

    <Grid Background="White">
            <RowDefinition Height="*"/>
            <ColumnDefinition Width="*"/>
            <ColumnDefinition Width="*"/>

        <!-- Some other stuff I'm doing on the page -->

        <s3D:SciChart3DSurface Grid.Column="1" ShowLicensingWarnings="True"
                               Background="White" RenderableSeries="{s3D:SeriesBinding RenderableSeries3DViewModels}">
            <!-- Create XAxis -->
                <s3D:NumericAxis3D TickTextBrush="Black" AxisTitle="X (mm)" DrawMajorBands="True" DrawMajorGridLines="True"
                                   GrowBy="0.1, 0.1"/>
            <!-- Create YAxis -->
                <s3D:NumericAxis3D AxisTitle="Z (mm)"
                                   GrowBy="0.1, 0.1"/>
            <!-- Create ZAxis -->
                <s3D:NumericAxis3D AxisTitle="Y (mm)"
                                   GrowBy="0.1, 0.1"/>

            <!-- Create Interactivity Modifiers for rotating camera -->
                    <s3D:OrbitModifier3D ExecuteOn="MouseLeftButton" ExecuteWhen="None"/>
                    <s3D:MouseWheelZoomModifier3D MouseWheelSensitivity="90" />
                    <s3D:FreeLookModifier3D ExecuteOn="MouseRightButton"/>
                    <s3D:TooltipModifier3D IsEnabled="True" SourceMode="AllSeries" ShowTooltipOn="MouseOver"/>

And below I declare and define my scatter plot in the viewmodel (the scatterSeries is an XyzDataSeries3D set somewhere else) :

    PositionalErrorTestModel.RenderSeries3DViewModels = new ObservableCollection<IRenderableSeries3DViewModel>();
PositionalErrorTestModel.RenderSeries3DViewModels.Add(new ScatterRenderableSeries3DViewModel
                PointMarker = new SpherePointMarker3D { Fill = System.Windows.Media.Color.FromRgb(0x78, 0xC3, 0), Size = 5, Opacity = 1 },
                DataSeries = scatterSeries

The chart appears, but the data does not. Is there something I’m missing? Do I need to explicitly call an update to the chart? Because the page the chart is on and the chart does get loaded before the data is populated.

Please let me know if you need to know anymore information.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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