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I’ve just downloaded the new v6 SDK and tried to use the tooltip feature both in my existing application and in the examples suite, and in both cases tooltips do not appear at all. The example suite for both .NET Framework and .NET Core crashes and the solution export feature produces a solution that does not build in Visual Studio.

The first example, 3D Charts -> Tooltips and Hit Test 3D Charts -> Series Custom Tooltips 3D Chart, crashes the example suite if I hover over a data point. The application closes with no error message.

The second example, 3D Charts -> Tooltips and Hit Test 3D Charts -> Series Tooltips 3D Chart, does not show any tooltips at all, in contrast to the same example from the v5 example suite. The application in this case does not crash, though.

In my own application the tooltip does not show whereas with the previous version of SciChart it did. I cannot see an exception raised.

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I am making a waterfall 3D chart like the Simple Waterfall 3D Chart of SciChart WPF Example Suite.

The Simple Waterfall 3D Chart is not displayed when changing the window size repeatedly.

After that, it is displayed when moving the screen. I do not know why.

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