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I’ve been looking through ways to have to y-Axis scale for really small changes/values.

For example, I’m attempting to plot 10 values between 0.99300 to 0.99400, and the changes between points can vary between 0.001 to 0.0001 or so (basically, really small changes)

However, my y-Axis seems to always start at 0 and the y-Axis major ticks are always at most a 0.1 difference, making the graph look flat.

I’d like to achieve the following:
– Scale to the smallest value i can scale to.
– Have my y-Axis to not necessarily start at 0.

I’ve tried the following:

Setting up y-Axis:

    self.yAxis = [SCINumericAxis new];
    [self.yAxis setStyle:axisStyle];
    self.yAxis.axisId = @"yAxis";
    [self.yAxis setGrowBy:[[SCIDoubleRange alloc]initWithMin:SCIGeneric(0) Max:SCIGeneric(0.1)]];
    [self.yAxis setAutoRange:SCIAutoRange_Always];
    [self.chartSurface attachAxis:self.yAxis IsXAxis:NO];


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I have several series on a surface and currently use the Rollovermodifier. It highlights the datapoint on each series that intersects with the current vertical line of the RolloverModifier. However, I don’t seem to be able to display the corresponding y-values on the Y-Axis. How can I accomplish such? Is there any easy way to show the y-value of each series on the y-Axis that intersects with the vertical line of the Rollovermodifier?

  • bbmat asked 3 years ago
  • last active 3 years ago
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iPhone 6, OS 12.4.3., X-axis, Y-axis texts are shown in inverted text. We can see this issue if we download the AppStore version of SciChart app

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I am currently evaluating and trying to find out if it is possible to draw the y-axis in the middle of the chart. Is this possible?

Like the alignment for left and right an alignment like “middle”. The sample only shows left and right alignment.
If it is not build in. Would it be possible to code a custom position? (But not by changing the source of SciChart but rather extending it).

I would need it for 2 scenarios:
A “running” chart like the FiFo Chart of the samples with the y-axis in the middle.
Like so (the pipe being the y-axis). First line the initial state. Second line after 3 ticks:

And a y-axis fixed chart like: y-axis at position 0 and the axis extending to the left with negative values and extending right with positive values (but at any possible position not just 0).


I would have the same question for the x-Axis but I haven’t looked into x-axis configuration myself yet.

  • Uwe Hafner asked 8 years ago
  • last active 8 years ago
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Im tryin to create an effect where I have a static point on the Y Axis and I want to perform zoom in, so what I did is to increase or decrease the Max visible range, what I’m left with is the rubber band effect where my static point isn’t static anymore because the point in “Stretching” in the direction I’m zooming.

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App version

I am able to sync two charts and receive events between both charts.

However, I wanted to remove the shared y-axis panning between the charts.
I was able to get this working by setting the “withReceiveHandledEvents(false)” linked to the motion event group and setting the “.withYAxisDragModifier().withReceiveHandledEvents(false)”.

However, the current problem being faced, is that, the cursor is now no longer synced between the two charts as if I had “withReceiveHandledEvents(false)” on the motion event group.

I tried using the cursor modifier group, but this did not provide a syncing cursor between the charts.

Is there a way to sync the cursor between the charts without having the y-axis panning synced as well?

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