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1-to-many relationship between DataSeries and SciChartSurfaces

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I would like to ask what is the best strategy to implement 1-to-many relationship between DataSeries and SciChartSurfaces, when charts are shown in a second window and presumably rendered in its UI thread.

Currently I have a root object in the main window that creates and carry updates for a single DataSeries. The object has a property that creates a new SciChartSurfaces instance programmatically everytime, as the property is read. As a chart is created, I assign the same DataSeries as source for chart’s RenderableSeries.

This approach allows me to multiple charts in the second window and all these chart share the same dataseries on the root object. However, I have some issues with flicking, re-rendering and updating. For example, only the most recently created chart redraws after updates in the dataseries. I use dataSeries.SuspendUpdates() and batch Append but I guess it works only for the last chart.

I attached here a screenshot showing what happening when the shared DataSeries is filled with random values in real-time.

Could you recommend something for this scenario?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for this info and upcoming article, I am very interested. I’ve seen ParentSurface property in IDataSeries and understand that only one (lastly created?) chart is referenced there. I use ‘using (var v=DataSeries.SuspendUpdates())’ but it does not help with multiple charts. What If I raise a priority of the DataSeries thread, such that data get updated faster than re-rendering of charts in another window’s thread? Would it help with flickering?


  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Ilia, you added an answer, but its not a forum. The answers are reserved for actual answers to the question. Instead, please comment on my comment. Its just like !
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