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Rollover Modifier and/or RolloverMarkers alignment off


Hi guys,

I’ve noticed that in my application, the Rollover Modifier vertical line is rendering off-center compared to gridlines. I stack a couple of SciCharts on top of each other and they both utilise the Rollover. This is causing a funny look. Please see the attached screenshot for more info.

It also appears that the RolloverMarker is also rendering a little off-center with reference to the gridlines and the datapoints. I’ve attached a screenshot from the SciChart Examples for this one.

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Hi miles,

We snap everything to the nearest pixel in SciChart so you might get a 1px offset occasionally on Point-Markers and Rollover lines etc… The gridline in the background of your chart doesn’t appear too crisp, perhaps there’s some Snap-to-device-pixels flag missing in our templates?

Is this a new issue to v2.0 or one that you have seen before?

Best regards,

  • bstapylton
    Hi Andrew, The attachment shot on the left is prior to SciChart 2.0, and the one on the right is after the upgrade. From what I can see it's just a 2.0 issue. If it helps you debug, I've turned on the high quality rasterizer for sub-pixel rendering so that I can get anti-aliasing on my lines (it looks brilliant by the way!). I didn't have a pre-2.0 Examples solution to run in order to test against the first screenshot. Let me know if I can be of further assistance. Cheers, Miles
  • bstapylton
    Hi Andrew, After updating to 2.1.1 I'm afraid to report that this still looks like it's causing a problem. Is this snapping everything to the nearest pixel in SciChart a new policy since 2.0? If so, it could likely be the cause of my problems :) Cheers, Miles
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