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3D chart memory

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The issue I’m having is that I seem to be running out of memory for 3D charts after a certain data size. What I will see is either my chart never renders at all or on occasion the entire application will crash (due to accessing out of bounds memory in the native dlls.)

I am using a SurfaceMeshRenderableSeries3D with a UniformGridDataSeries3D(int, float, int). With smaller sizes such as 320×240 (X,Z) I get results, but larger sizes such as 640×480 (X,Z).

This issue only seems to happen when compiling to 32-bit. I have seen the other questions regarding how AnyCPU is compiling to 32-bit. Some of our customers have to use 32-bit so I would like to know what the expected footprint is to hopefully try and work around it.


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    • 7 years ago
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Hi there,

Do you have a reproduction of this?

In our Examples Suite app I just tested and was able to render a 500×500 surface mesh in real-time and it consumes 600MBytes for the entire application.

1k * 1k surface mesh used 634MBytes, well within the 1.5GBytes per process that 32-bit .NET Apps have available.

Best regards,

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