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3D Chart performance

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Hi, we got performance problems with 3D chart on UniformGridDataSeries3D when size of mesh is bigger than 400×400.
The rendering is fine, but it have weird behavior when controlling from mouse: rendering is lags behind mouse movement and it’s hard to rotate the surface accurate.

To reproduce it you can use SciChart_SurfaceMesh3DNonUniformData scichart example and set the surface size to 500×500 for example.

Perfectly we are planning to use 1500×1500 mesh but currently we had to downsample it to 250×250.

Is there is some workaround for this?

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Hi Dmitry, did you close this question? It seems to have been closed.

3D Surface Mesh Charts are tiled above 500×500 so that the mesh is drawn in stages. Higher mesh resolutions will need a faster graphics card – it is dependent on the GPU as the wireframes use a lot of polygons.

For instance, running on a nVidia 1070 or 2070 a 1000×1000 mesh is pretty responsive, but on built-in graphics in a laptop say, it will be much slower.

If you want to get the best performance from SciChart 3D Surface Mesh, you can try disabling the wireframe. This massively reduces the polygon count and should get better performances at large mesh sizes.

Best regards,

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