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3D Heatmap Usage on NaN

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I have another question on the Heatmap 3D.

I have attached a sample app to show what I’m trying to accomplish. Essentially, I want my data points to contain NaN whenever there’s no data available for it. In that way if I want I could find out which are the points that have no data and create an interpolation throughout those points.

The problem is that If I initialize all my data points to NaN, and then I add the actual valid data, that data won’t be shown in the heatmap. I suspect it has something to do with the GradientColorPalette that probably doesn’t know what to do with a NaN.

Can you help me solve this issue? Maybe I’m using the API in a wrong way.

NOTE: If you comment the code lines inside the HeatmapModel class where it is initializing the data points with NaN and run it, you should get all red and some thin lines of different colors, which would be the ones that contain actual data. The idea is that all the red is not colored and show empty space and only show the fine lines, because 0 is a valid value.

NOTE: due to limiting uploading size, you’ll have to add the SciChart DLLs to the project manually.

Thank you!
Best regards,

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