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We are making SCIChart with MVVM.
For the Model layer, we use .NET Standard 2.0.
The View layer and the ViewModel layer use .Net Framework 4.7.1.

Since we want to aggregate into the logic in the Model layer,
I would like to use some of the parts SciChart provides with .NET Standard 2.0.

An example

How can I decide whether the SCI offering class can be used in .NET Standard?

By acquiring “SciChart (” from NuGet in the library of the Model layer,
I could confirm that it work correctly.

What is the package for the .Net Standard 2.0 project?

Thank you.

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Hi Kenichi

Interesting question!

At the moment SciChart supports WPF only and the .NET Framework up to .NET 4.7.2+ (and future)

We have a plan in the very near future to support .NET Core 3.0, as part of Microsoft’s plans to release Desktop app support for .NET Core in March.

Now .NET standard … To support this we’d have to make quite a big breaking change – we would need to refactor our libraries and move Viewmodels into say SciChart.Core.dll and make that support .NET Standard 2.0. No PresentationFramework or PresentationCore is available in .NET Standard 2.0. This is totally possible just it will break every customer’s existing applications, and that means that our customers will not upgrade to the next version when we create it, losing us a tonne of revenue.

However … we can propose a compromise. I think that with our support of .NET Core 3.0 we may consider to create a separate assembly for core classes as an either/or … (MAY … MIGHT). This would help us as well as we want to use our own products (SciChart iOS, Android, WPF) in cross-platform apps using Xamarin.

Until then … what I would suggest is this. Don’t depend on SciChart in your core libraries. Create your own interface to a Charting module and implement it as you wish in the main .NET Framework project. This way you will be immune to our framework changes.

Hope this helps!

Best regards

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