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Activating developper licence on a new computer

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Hello guys,
I am trying to activate a developer licence for SciChart.Wpf on a new computer.
I followed the activation process and the wizard is indicating that the activation succeeded with the state ‘licensed updates expired’ (since the licence has been purchased more than 1 year ago).
I still have the message ‘Sorry! Your trial of SciChart has expired…’ on the graph in Debug mode.
Is there anything I missed? Does the developer licence should be deactivated from a previous computer in order to make it work on a new one?
Thanks for your answers.

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Hi Benjamin

That’s a bit of a strange message. You entered that you are using v3 of SciChart. Are you using the version 3 licensing wizard?

You have to use a version of the licensing wizard that was packaged with the version of scichart. For v3, get it from and install and use the wizard from there. It should still work despite the purchasing being over 1 year out.

Best regards,

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Hi Andrew,
Thanks for this answer. No I wasn’t using the version 3 of the licensing wizard, I was using the very last version.
Now that I am using it, I have an error message saying ‘Activation failed, serial key: xxx has reached its activation limit of 2’ which probably means that I have to deactivate the licence on the previous computer to be able to activate it on a new computer. It makes more sense now.
Thank you for your help!


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