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The new annotations looks great.
How can I add 2 vertical line annotations by code (mvvm)?
When on screen, how can I get the values of the two lines back in the viewmodel so I can display/calculate x and Y values of the chart?


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Hello there,

Please, take a look into attached example. It demonstrates vertical line annotations creation in ViewModel.
To get back value of line, you should bind to X1 property of anotation, or to LabelValue property of VerticalLineAnnotation (by default it is bind to X1). Also you can add more labels via VerticalLineAnnotation.AnnotationLabels property.

Also, you could look into DragHorizontalTreshold example.

Best regards,

  • EJansen
    Hi, Thanks for the info. This works fine now, I can get the X value from the marker and display this on screen. If I have the X value, how can I get the Y value from the dataserie? Thanks....
  • Yuriy Zadereckiy
    Hi, Please, try this:
    var index = series.FindIndex(xValue, BinarySearchMode.Nearest);
    var yValue = series[DataSeriesColumn.Y, index];
    Notice, that FindIndex isn't defined in IDataSeries interface, therefore, series should be cast to exact type or base type DataSeries. Best regards, Yuriy
  • David Adams
    I'm using SciChart in an ElementHost with Windows Forms. How do I get notifications of the vertical line annotation being dragged so that I can track X1?
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi David, In SciChart v3.2, we have added the property AnnotationBase.DragDelta, which is fired when an annotation is moved. In previous version(s) of SciChart, you will need to set up a binding to VerticalLineAnnotation.X1 property
  • Robin Babicek
    Hi, any chance you could reupload that example? I’m getting a 404 when I click the link.
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