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Please see the 2 images attached. I would like to reproduce something similar to what’s on the images using scichart ie. being able to select/unselect certain parts of the series by placing a control on certain datapoints (being able to add a checkbox to the surface would be great). What options do I have?

One more question, Is it possible to add a label to LineAnnotations?


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Got it, used CustomAnnotation with Content set to Checkbox. I ‘ll put it here for future reference:

    var checkAnnotation = new CustomAnnotation()
            X1 =  2,
            Y1 = 3,
            X2 = X1,
            Y2 = Y1 + 0.05 ,
            AnnotationCanvas = AnnotationCanvas.AboveChart,
            IsSelected = false,
            IsEditable = false,
            Content = new CheckBox()

     ((CheckBox)checkAnnotation.Content).Click += checkAnnotation_Click;
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