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I would like to see a feature implemented where the AutoRange can be applied for current data displayed in the plot (this is the current functionality of AutoRange) but also apply auto scaling based on the data displayed so far in the plot (AutoRangeHistory (e.g.)).

I frequently have FIFO plots showing realtime data coming in, and it would be very nice if the data in the plot only is auto scaled if the new data added is larger (or smaller) than any previously displayed value.

if (newData.Max() > _maxValueSeenSoFar)
   _maxValueSeenSoFar = newData.Max();
   AutoScale.Max = _maxValueSeenSoFar;

There should also be a ResetAutoRangeHistory to reset the scaling.

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Hello Kash,

Thanks for the suggestion! Possibly we could implement this with a ViewportManager. Are you aware of this feature?

You can derive from DefaultViewportManagerBase and override OnCalculateNewYRange() to output the desired result.

The base class will do normal AutoRanging (or just pass through the axis visiblerange if AutoRange is off). You can override this behaviour to do what you like e.g. return ranges based on history.

Hope this helps!


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