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Advice for buildling a measurement cursor

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Hi folks,

The latest feature I’d like to add to my SciChart-enabled app is a measurement cursor. In measuring mode, the user would drag the mouse along a region of the chart, and the x or y (or both) distances would be displayed, ideally just above the mouse cursor. So far I have created a “zoomless RubberBandXyModifier” which shows me where I’m dragging the cursor (but does not result in a zoom operation), but I’m not sure of the best way to display my results. Is there a built-in feature (built in to either SciChart or WPF in general) which will allow me to display text as part of (or just above) the cursor? Do I need to implement an Adorner? I’d love to know if you have some advice for this.


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Hi George,

I assume you’ve created a Custom ChartModifierBase derived class for this, am I right? If so then you can simply place items on the base.ModifierSurface, which is a Canvas (WPF canvas).

You can place any UI element on there. Just be assured to override the methods OnAttached, OnDetached and clear the canvas on detached or some other user input e.g. right click.

Let me know if you get stuck.


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