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Alignment of Labels inside BarCharts

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Using the property ShowLabels I am able to display the current value e.g. inside a BarChart. I would like to align the Label in a different fashion, for instance at the top/bottom of the bars. So far I can only find a StringFormat property for the label itself.

Question here: Is it possible to define the position of a label?



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Hi Silvio,

Thank you for your inquiry. It is possible to customize label appearance via styling/templating, so I think setting Margin or using TranslateTransform on a label should do the trick. you could take a look at our XAML styling example to see how to do this.

The above info is concerning axis labels styling. Edited the post to answer the question:

Regarding the Bar value labels, it isn’t possible to style them or change the position for now. However, I can log it as a feature request and we will consider implementing it in future. Could I ask you to give us your requirements for the desired label configuration besides label alignment?

Best regards,

  • swiedric
    Hi Yuriy, thanks for your response. Unfortunately, I cannot find any property/entry point etc. to apply a style against,when it comes to Bar value labels. The only property I can find the is boolean "ShowLabel". Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Silvio
    • Guest
    • 9 years ago
    Hi Silvio, sorry, I misunderstood your question. Please find the edited answer above.
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