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Hi Andrew, support Guys

I have recently done my upgrade from 1.7 to 2.3 , quite easily but i have come across two problems that i would like to ask you.

My chart area let say is between 1st of Jan and 1st of Feb , series are renderd correctly no problem.
If i add and annotation (vertical line) before rendering, let say 15 Jan everything is working fine instead if i add the same annotation after (e.g. 15 Feb) when rendering the chart this annotation is not considered in the whole range of the chart.
Also i must show always an annotation on the X axis at 0 value or show always the zero line, (horiozontal line) , but if the series values are beetween 10 to 20 also in this case the annotation is not in the view of the chart.

Which is the best way to acheive my goal ? showing all elements in the chart in any case even if they are dataseries or annotation or else ?


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Hi Giuseppe,

Thanks for your inquiry. The entire chart range is extent of data by default. But this behavior can be changed using the ViewportManager feature. There was the same request sometime ago, please, refer to the Zoom Including Annotations thread for the detailed info.

Please, don’t hesitate to ask if you need more assistance on this.

Best regards,

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